Best Eaten By


Uncooked: 1-2 days, frozen 9-12 months

Cooked: 3-4 days, frozen 4-6 months


Cooked: 3-4 days, frozen 4-6 months

Uncooked lean or fatty:1-2 days

Frozen lean: up to 6 months

Frozen fatty: up to 2-3 months


Uncooked: 1-2 days

Freeze: 3-6 months


Uncooked: steaks, chops, roasts about 3-5 days

Frozen: steaks up to 12 months, chops up to six months, roasts up to 12 months

Ground, uncooked: 1-2 days

Ground Frozen: 3-4 months

All cooked meats: 3-4 days, freeze 2-3 months

Fruits and Vegetables~

Apples: 3-4 weeks

Apricots, avocados, melons, nectarines and peaches: 5 days

Beets: 1-2 weeks

Bell Peppers: 3-4 days

Berries: 3 days

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, green onions: 5 days

Cabbage, cucumber, celery: 1 week

Chile peppers: 7-10 days

Citrus fruits: 2 weeks

Mushrooms, beans (green or waxed): 1-2 days

Root Vegetables (including: radishes, rhubarb, rutabaga, turnips): 2 weeks

Spinach and cruciferous vegetable: 3-4 days

Tomatoes: 2-3 days

Dairy & Eggs~

Hard cheese, frozen: up to 6 months

Hard Cheese, unopened: 6 months

Hard Cheese, opened: 3-4 weeks

Soft Cheese: unopened: 3-4 weeks

Soft Cheese: opened: 1-3 weeks

Fresh eggs (in shell): 3-5 weeks (never freeze)

Raw egg yolks, whites: 2-4 days, freeze up to 1 year

Hard-Boiled eggs: 1 week (never freeze)

Egg Whites and egg substitutes, opened: 3 days, freeze up to 1 year

Butter: 1-3 months, frozen up to 9 months

Milk: 1 week, until expiration date

Yogurt: Up to 2 weeks

Grains and Sides~

Rice, cooked: 2-3 days, freeze 1-2 months

Quinoa, cooked: 2-3 days, freeze 1-2 months

Stuffing, cooked: 3-4 days, freeze 1 month

Mashed potatoes: 3-4 days, freeze up to 1 month

Prepared Dishes & Extras

Fruit/Pumpkin Pie

Baked: 2-3 days, freeze 2-4

Unbaked 1-2 days, freeze 2-4 days

Quiche, with filling: 3-4 days, freeze up to 2 months

Olives and pickles, opened: 2-3 months

Soups and Stews: 3 to 4 days, freeze 2 to 3 months

Gravy, meat broth: 1 to 2 days, freeze 1 to 2 months

Red wine, re-corked: 3-5 days, freeze 1-2 months

Salads: 3-5 days, do no freeze

Salad Dressing, opened: 3 months




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